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About the Center
Esplanade Youths is a membership programme for tertiary students that offers a range of activities to promote active hands-on participation and involvement in the arts. Esplanade Youths activities include the following:
•  Backstage tours
A perfect opportunity for anyone who ever wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes, our backstage tours take participants through the various performance features of our main venues, as well as provide an insight into what goes on in the making of a successful production.
•  Internship opportunities
Members who are keen on experiencing what it’s like to work in one of the busiest arts centre in the world can participate in internship programmes with various departments at Esplanade. For example, interns with our Front-of-House department will be exposed to a range of service operations such as customer service management, event preparation, cloakroom management and ushering duties among others. During our larger festivals, interns could also be attached to our Artist Liaison Officers where they will learn how Esplanade hosts and meets the needs of international and regional artists performing at the centre.
•  Esplanade Youths projects
Organised in conjunction with the various programmes presented by Esplanade, Esplanade Youths projects encourage a more hands-on-participation from youths in the centre's activities with the aim of creating a deeper awareness of the arts among them.
Recent Esplanade Youths projects include “Be a Mosaic Reporter for a Day”. Held in conjunction with Mosaic Music Festival 2008, participants created video interviews of Mosaic artists using N82 mobile phones that were on loan from Nokia - one of Esplanade's Partners. Through the interviews, the youths learned more about the artsists and found out about the inspiration behind their music.
•  Exclusive meet-the-artists sessions
These sessions allow Esplanade Youths members to get up close with artists performing at the centre and learn from their experiences. For example as part of the Huayi and Mosaic festivals this year, members got a chance to chat with local and regional singer-songwriters Eric Ng, Ngak and Wu Jia Hui as well as familiar faces Jack and Rai.
•  Volunteer opportunities
Our Esplanade Youths volunteers help to reach out to the community during the various arts workshops held at institutions and welfare organisations such as the Institute of Mental Health and the Singapore Association for the Deaf. Volunteers are also regularly a part of the community activities held at the centre during events such as our Mother’s Day Special in May and Lantern Walkabout held during the Mid-Autumn celebrations. Sign up now and be a part of these exclusive Esplanade Youths activities!