Here are some of the frequently asked questions.
Q: What if my tickets are lost?
A: Immediately contact SISTIC Customer Service Officer at (65) 6348 5555 and provide the following information: - the event title - date and time of the event - number of tickets purchased - date and venue of purchase - mode of payment - SISTIC account number - name and IC number Please note that there is an administrative fee of $5 per lost ticket. We would like to inform you that there is strictly NO ticket replacement for General Admission events.
Q: Do I need to purchase tickets for my child?
A: Yes. Esplanade’s minimum age requirement is 6 years and above unless otherwise stated. Infants in arms or children without tickets will not be admitted.
Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my existing ticket(s) or seats?
A: We apologize that downgrade of tickets or seats are strictly NOT allowed. You may upgrade to a higher price as long as there is no change to the performance date and time. This service is only available at the Esplanade Box Office on the day of the show itself, and only for shows taking place at Esplanade.
Q: What is an obstructed or restricted view?
A: When seats are obstructed or restricted, it would be indicated by the promoters. Hence, your view of the performance would be partially obstructed.
Q: What documents do I need to bring to collect my tickets?
A: For collection of tickets, the cardholder will need to produce the same credit card that he/she used for the purchase, together with his/her identification card/passport. If the credit cardholder is unable to collect the tickets and would like to appoint someone else to collect on his/her behalf, the authorized person is required to bring the following: i. A letter of authorization signed by the credit cardholder ii. A photocopy of the credit cardholder's NRIC/Passport/FIN Card. iii. His/Her original NRIC/Passport/FIN Card Important Note: Esplanade Box Office (located on Mezzanine level) reserves the right not to release tickets if the above documents are not in order.
Q: What should I take note upon receiving my tickets?
A: Please check the event title, date, time and price of tickets to ensure that the tickets are not tampered with, defaced or torn. Kindly take note of the terms & conditions of sale printed behind the ticket or on the SISTIC website.
Q: What if a show is cancelled or postponed?
A: The event organizer will notify all customers through notices in the major press or media, giving information on the period and place to obtain the refund (for cancelled events). Refunds are administered directly by the event organizers or SISTIC.
Q: How far is the seat from the stage?
A: Please click here for a more detailed seating plan. Please note that the Esplanade has the right to do any reconfigurations on the venue / stage setting in accordance to the nature of the event.
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  Dress codes
Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Esplanade has no formal dress code, however we do advise you to dress warmly when attending performances in the indoor venues.
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  Photo Taking and Video Recording
Q: Can I bring my camera or video camera to the venue?
A: Please note that audio and video recording equipment is not allowed in the venue. The Esplanade or the promoter reserve the right to request that you leave your equipment outside the venue.
Q: Can I take photographs or record during the performance?
A: In general, photo taking and video recording is not permissible unless otherwise advised by promoters / artists.
Q: If photo taking is not allowed during the performance, can I still keep my camera with me?
A: You are required to leave your equipment in the lockers provided before entering the venue. The interior of each locker is customized with a soft padded layout to keep your equipment safe and you may administer your personal pass code for the lock yourself.
Q: Must I pay for the use of the lockers?
A: No they are provided free of charge. Our staff would issue you an ID locker card before you store your equipment into the locker with the locker number stated on it. You are required to leave your name and contact number on the portion that would be retained by our staff. This will allow us to contact you should you forget to retrieve your belongings.
Q: What if I had forgotten the number code that I have set to lock the locker?
A: You may approach our ushers for assistance. Our usher would verify your particulars and your ID locker card before assisting to unlock the locker.
Q: What if I had forgotten to retrieve my camera after the performance?
A: Our Customer Service would call you 30 minutes after the performance has ended to arrange for collection of your equipment. Items not collected from the locker after this period can be retrieved by calling 68288 377 between 8.30am – 10pm daily.
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