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The arts express who we are and what is in our hearts. They capture our memories and encapsulate our dreams. For an individual, they are a source of reflection and inspiration. For us as a collective, they bind us together and remind us of what is dear to us.

As Singapore commemorates its 50th year of nationhood, we invite you, the community we serve, to join us in expressing what we value. These are experiences that the arts provide and precious qualities that we hope will endure for generations to come.
Esplanade and the Arts
Find out how Esplanade brings the arts closer to you throughout 2015.
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Programme Highlights: Apr – Jun 2015

The Studios: fifty
2 Apr – 10 May 2015

This special The Studios season invites us to reflect, imagine and understand the world around us, our society and ourselves through 50 of Singapore’s English-language plays, from the 1960s to the present. Co-curated by Esplanade and theatre practitioner Chong Tze Chien, we celebrate works from more than 30 Singapore playwrights through a series of fully staged productions and dramatised readings. The Studios: fifty invites our artists to re-visit these significant plays, giving fresh perspectives to the lines and characters that have moved us over the years, so that we can re-discover and experience these works together in a new light.

A Tapestry of Sacred Music
16 – 19 Apr 2015

A Tapestry of Sacred Music invites you to seek fulfilment through paths illuminated by the sounds and voices of devotion. Enter worlds of sacred music that are seldom seen and heard in public at this unique festival that allows you to experience a variety of devotional cultures all in one place. Be it through the grandeur of the Concert Hall or the intimacy of an outdoor performance on the Courtyard lawn, soul-stirring encounters can be experienced throughout the centre.

29 May – 7 Jun 2015

Flipside invites you to let loose and have fun at a 10-day festival featuring a host of whimsical and wacky performances for all ages. Discover the arts through unexpected forms and spaces around Esplanade, such as a live caricature artist competition on 1 June! Held in conjunction with the first ever Southeast Asian of the International Caricature Artists Convention, look out for over 20 caricaturists from Singapore and all over the world, speedily sketching portraits at the Esplanade Concourse. Take home a self-portrait (or two) to show off your quirky side.
Yfest  |  Baybeats
19 – 21 Jun  |  26 – 28 Jun 2015

Yfest and Baybeats invite you to dare to chase your passions to where you have never ventured. These two festivals for youth and the young-at-heart allow young aspiring artists to learn from established industry professionals through invaluable mentoring experiences. From the Yfest SixTeen Dance Challenge to the various Baybeats Budding initiatives, there are opportunities aplenty for passionate young creatives!

Behind The Scenes
Chasing passions at Baybeats

27 Feb 2015

Many know Baybeats—it’s the largest free alternative music festival in the region that offers a complete concert-going experience with live performances and activities around the centre. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! The festival, which is in its 14th edition this year, is one of Esplanade’s enduring platforms that’s free to nurture talent as well as grow a community of supporters and music enthusiasts for the fledgling artists. Another important aspect of the festival is  the extensive Baybeats Budding initiative that provides invaluable learning and mentoring experiences for budding artists working in different forms of expression.

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Working Towards Greater Opportunities

12 Feb 2015

George Panait has come a long way from home to make a living from his art. A Technical Manager with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, the 49-year-old Romanian has been expertly calibrating our stage lights over the past six years, playing an important role in creating the right tone and atmosphere for the productions and events we present.

A Spontaneous Move

Even before joining Esplanade, George already had over 20 years of technical theatre experience—mostly in lighting—with stints at established and prestigious arts institutions such as the Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House in London, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto and The Comedy Theatre in Bucharest. So what drew him to the other side of the globe in 2009 to Singapore’s national arts centre, which was a relatively new player in the international arts scene then?

“In 2008, while I was holidaying in Singapore, I chanced upon the Esplanade. I thought ‘Wow! This theatre is amazing!’ It’s very modern and impressive,” George recalls. It just so happened that at the time, negotiations he was having with the Royal Opera House didn’t work out so he spontaneously wrote in to Esplanade enquiring if a lighting managerial position was available.

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